About Westshore Triathlon


Westshore Triathlon is located in Victoria BC, specifically in the Westshore area who specialize in race events and access to our Tri Club. Westshore Triathlon was created by the husband and wife team of Kirk and Stephanie Lewis who have a passion for triathlon, coaching and helping people reach their training and race goals. The race series was created out of a love for the sport and a need for triathlon in the Westshore Area.



The club is committed to providing training venues for those individuals who enjoy training in a group setting. Our Club approach is to offer structured workouts that will vary in focus (technical, speed, endurance etc.) in a supportive, freedom to learn atmosphere, for the beginner or age group triathlete. We encourage an active fit lifestyle, social interaction and the exchange of ideas with like-minded people.


The Langford Triathlon typically held in July, offers a warm lake swim, country road bike course and nice trail run. The race is followed by great prizes, medals and lots of post-race food.


  • Kirk is the first coach I have ever had for my fitness. Having a coach for my Triathlon training is more than someone watching me run circles around a track or telling to swim twice a week. I have learned how to train harder and more efficiently on and off my workout days by fueling the body before and after training, hydrating throughout my day. With a qualified coach on my side I have learned the importance of building up my workouts and the necessity of recovery weeks. This has given me the strength and stamina to improve my times from my last year results. I love to tell friends and family that I have a coach like Kirk. This gives me confidence to train harder and the drive to stick to my training plan. I truly feel being a member of the Westshore Triathlon team has improved my life overall by living a healthier life on and off the track.
    Shawn Porter
  • Stephanie coached me for 6 months in 2012.  She helped me reach my goal of completing my first Olympic distance triathlon, along with many other races and triathlons during that period, including a half marathon.  I found the training program that she created for me well balanced, easy to follow and flexible when needed.  I was in a bit of a rut for the last few years and have improved greatly with her training plan, feedback and encouragement.  I look forward to more coaching from Steph in 2013
  • Kirk was a motivational and inspiring coach. He offered his experience and always made you believe that you can attain your goals. Sometimes training is hard work, but he always has a great sense of humour and makes it fun, even when you feel like you can’t.  That word is not in his vocabulary.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a trainer who knows his stuff.
    Margot Edwards


Kirk believes that one of the corner stones of effective coaching is leadership, the ability to keep the athlete and training plan on track, displaying confidence in the face of adversity, being a good listener, motivator and passionate about the sport are some of the attributes of a Triathlon coach.


Whether you are an experienced athlete that wants to push their physical and mental limits or a new athlete that wants to complete their first triathlon, Stephanie can help you achieve your personal training and race goals. She is passionate about people and passionate about triathlon. She believes coaching is a balanced array of motivation, encouragement, inspiration, listening, empowerment and leadership.