Langford Triathlon ANNOUNCEMENT!

Our little club, Westshore Triathlon has had the privilege of hosting the Langford Triathlon for the last 5 years but its time for us to move on.
We had been holding our announcement in hopes we could say that another club or organization had taken over but that has happened ….. JUST YET!
Thank you to the City of Langford for their unwavering support, all our sponsors but in particular, Quality Foods-Langford for their generosity since day one, the athletes who came back year after year and supported us, the volunteers with whom race events do not happen and last but DEFINITELY not least our club members who have given their time,energy and sweat over the last 9 years not only to the Langford race but other events we have hosted.

Happy training and racing in the future! See you out there.

day July 7 2019